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Meet Erika
"How did you end up being an organizer?" That's the question I get asked the most since I began this labor of delight.

Even months before working with my first client I wasn't consciously aware that personal organizers existed. Yet, some part of me must have held a knowing of the profession, having previously worked with a public television executive who produced "Organizing from the Inside Out," a pledge special with star organizer Julie Morgenstern.

This is how it began:

Deeply immersed in a career discernment period, the word "organizing" would often pop up in my head. "Often" is all telling here, for I did a splendid job of ignoring that word and the voice. It didn't give up; it simply kept repeating itself to me. In full honesty, that voice and word had been around for years. I pushed it away because, as I kept telling myself, "Hey, organizing isn't a job." I pushed it away because I thought of my natural organization skills as growing out of some rigid uncreative side of myself. I pushed it away because organizing, whatever I thought that entailed, couldn't possibly engage my favorite talents and feed my soul's desire to be of service to others.

Well, I finally couldn't drown out that "organizing" word and voice any longer. It was as the Swiss Jesuit Hans Urs von Balthasar said ". . . you have nothing to choose, you have been called . . .."

Once I started organizing for others, I was immediately immersed in a sense that this work had always been a part of me. It felt like me. I quickly discovered that all those presumptions I had been harboring were outrageously erroneous and contrary to my organizing style. My organizing is all about being creative and flexible. What works for one client isn't the best solution for the next client. And on top of all that I get to bring others more clarity, energy, and peacefulness. This work is truly and simply a natural extension of my passions, talents, longings, and sensibilities.

That's how it happened!

Every day I feel blessed that I have finally found the place where my gifts and the pressing needs and yearnings of others meet.

Erika Salloux

Prior to launching Living Harmony, I held positions at WBUR and the Public Radio International show "From the Top," a showcase for young classical musicians, respectively. My public broadcasting life has also included working on such programs as "Sessions at West 54th," public television's first nationally scheduled weekend contemporary music series and "Humankind," the award-winning public radio show dedicated to the stories of people who are humanizing our society. Before that I was a music industry publicist and artist manager working with performers such as John Mellencamp and EMF.

My ability and love of managing projects, coordinating events, and designing and improving systems naturally lead me into the world of organizing.

My other passions include an inquisitive spiritual life, preparing and sharing all kinds of meat-less meals with my family and friends, music, music and more music, spontaneous travel to almost any destination, vigorous tennis, theatre, film, and swimming in any body of water, but especially the sea.

If you want to make the chaos in your life disappear, let me know!

"As we sort papers, clean drawers, and clear closets, we are ordering far more than our physical life. As we create harmony, we attract harmony. Our lives become sweeter, less chaotic, more flowing."

~ Julia Cameron,
Author of The Artist's Way

Organizing Metro West & Eastern Massachusetts, in towns like Andover, Boston, Cambridge, Carlisle, Concord, Lexington, Milton, Needham, Sherborn, Sudbury, Wayland, Wellesley, Weston, Westwood, Winchester, and some spots very far away (Call for details.)